Roof snow guards stop snow slides.
Low Prices and Fast ShippingMetal Roof Snow Guards.

Metal roof snow guards help stop dangerous snow slides.

Metal roof snow guards help stop the dangerous movement of snow & ice.

Metal Roof Snow Guards

Metal Roof Snow Guards

Metal roof snow slides can be a really problem in any area that receives annual snow fall. Snow can avalanche off sloped metal roofs, causing alarmingly loud crashing sounds and damage to anything below. The installation of plastic snow guards is the preferred solution. Snow guards work by placing obstacles or holding surfaces on the metal roof to hold the snow and ice in place, so it never has the chance to slide, allowing the snow to melt safely away. Every sloped metal roof, in snowy areas, needs snow guards. Clear plastic snow guards are preferred because they are less obvious on the roof the rest of the year.

In areas that receive excessive snow fall, the preferred solution is a roof rake or snow cutter. These tools are usually a long pole with a plastic or rubber cutting edge, that the building owner can use to pull snow safely off the roof.

About the Metal Roof Snow Guards

We only carry the IceBlox Inc., brand of metal roof snow guards because they invented plastic snow guards, they continue to be the industry leader, and each snow guard is made in the USA. Customers choose us because they prefer our always free shipping*, Spacing Wizard, and simple purchase process. They also know they can depend on the same great IceBlox quality.

Important Design Considerations

It is important to install snow guards evenly across the entire metal roof area to prevent uneven snow loading on the roof and structure. A single row of metal roof snow guards or rails along the edge can lead to unnecessary stress on the building.

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